Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Seasonally Effected March 2014

Hello there - the wonderful Seasonally Effected open Mic is back!

Please join us at the Dot Cafe in Rochester Wednesday, 26 March for an evening of aural pleasures

Anything can happen at one of these gatherings. Dancing, music, films, existential comedy, as well as poetry, singing, stories and alien abduction.

Image Credit: Cohdra

If you do miss the evening, or want to re-live it, the organisers will add a podcast to their website soon after the event

EDIT 02 April. Oops - spoke too soon. The organisers won't be adding live podcasts anymore. But what they will do is add personalised podcasts of performers who have appeared at the open mic. The first one is of Sam Fentiman-Hall and can be downloaded here
Image source: http://www.morguefile.com 

p.s. I'm kidding about the alien abduction. Probably.