Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Captain America and Agents of Shield

So I'm going to share my thoughts on Captain America 2, the Winter Soldier. I'm not gonna post specific spoilers, but I'm going to hint heavily.

So - I liked it, and I liked it because it didn't go over the top. It was a solid, political thriller asking the right kind of questions without being bogged down by them. How far do you go to defend your citizens? Who defines what a threat is? When you have been fighting an enemy for long enough, can you really say that you or your tactics are very different after all?

Imagecredit: wintersixfour

The film dealt with the question of the "enemy within" quite well - without the need for gimmicks. Sure there were a few expensive explosions but that wasn't where the heart of the story was. The heart of the story, for me, was when Steve Rogers questions the need for... well if you haven't seen it I won't spoil it. It made me appreciate the character a bit more too, gave him more depth.

Seeing this film, it made me more aware of the shortcomings of Agents of Shield. It's a programme I've been rooting for ever since it aired on Channel 4, and I've liked it as much for its potential as for its payoff. I've thought of it as a glammed up Torchwood, and hoped that it would put its act together in much the same way. There was a real danger, real consequences for the characters on Torchwood. Some of the situations were ludicrous, but they were real and had flaws. I could relate, and I cared.

Agents of Shield isn't there. Yet. I'm hoping that the film will shake things up for the series, send the characters a little further along. It's all been very comfortable so far and I'm missing the spark that we had in Torchwood. I'm still waiting...