Sunday, 20 April 2014

Medway festival of Steam and Transport 2014

Image Credit: SM Jenkin
I attended the first day of the Medway festival of steam and transport today. Despite the traditional bank holiday weather, I had a whale of a time. There was a great deal going on, and it was lovely to see the dockyard so busy.

What is there to see? Three music stages for a start - one of these is hiding with the steampunks in the Mezzanine Floor of No. 3 Slip (the BIG Space). Funnily enough the folk and blues stage (where the splendid Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs were playing) was right next to the Nelson Brewery van. Can you find the cheeky stall holder selling potterdjes? - I might post their sign later. There was plenty of places to eat and drink

Of course, being a steamhead, I loved seeing all the steam powered engines. They even had a steam powered woodcutter! The mobile ones were paraded along the length of the dockyard. If you're going tomorrow, be sure to catch it at 2pm. The real highlight for me though was the steampunk palace. It was like another world of art, music, fun people to chat to. There were a few nice things to buy as well, but mostly I just chatted. It was fascinating to hear about peoples costumes, and each had an interesting story attached.

Elsewhere at the festival there is also a small zoo, a chance to ride a penny farthing, play scalextrics, a chance to have a go at model making and more. I really enjoyed the chance to ride the penny farthing - scary but fun! Overall, everyone I spoke to was very enthusiastic about what they were doing, and were very happy to share that with you.

I've heard the weather is going to be dry tomorrow. Whatever you are doing, I hope you have a great day.