Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Bear - is sleeping?

The Bear is often associated in stories with King Arthur. The recent solstice is associated by modern pagans with King Arthur and his rebirth, along with the sun. I can understand why, the return of both is associated with hope and brighter evenings.

But for the moment, the nights are still long. And the bear, though s/he doesn't hibernate, very sensibly finds somewhere to rest...

Tá an béar ina chodladh.

Image: Getty Images

"The bear is in his sleeping" as opposed to "the bear is sleeping". The more I think about it, the stranger the English language seems to me. Is the bear the concept of sleep? I don't know. Then the feeling passes, and I have a little lie down. 

It seems more sensible to me that the Bear is in a sleep, the sleep that will pass and the Bear will still be there. But then, what do I know....? Is it all splitting hairs? But the idea of keeping your energy conserved until the light returns strikes me as a sensible one. You need your energy until the light returns, so lay off any ideas about changing your diet until then.....!

Do you want to know how to say it in Irish? Try here for one way...

For an alternative way of speaking try saying chodladh ("sleeping") with a western / Connacht twist try here