Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Mindful Writing challenge 8 - candy stripes

Photo credit: Alvimann 
The window is black and bare, chocolate brown curtains shoved to the sides. Before the window, laying plain on a blue plate on the bare grey table lies the high spot of the day. Chips, beautiful golden yellow and full of innocent promise like a freshly boiled egg. I pick one up, a thick chip, the edge is highlighted in a single line, suntanned crispy and brown. The heat permeates my fingers, the edges crisp and hot against my chapped lips. The inside yields soft creamy starch. Something missing....? Cold tomato ketchup spurts easily out of the plastic bottle, transforming golden chips into candy cane brightness.


This is part of the small stones writing challenge - run by the lovely Satya Robin. I met Satya at an Arvon foundation writing course some years ago. I remember her kindness. Just simple things, really. Those little details make all the difference.

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