Monday, 6 January 2014

Mindful writing challenge 6 - Caught in the rain

Even the edges of my thick jumper are wet, a pair of slugs sliding trails of moisture down to my  elbows each time I raise the tepid coffee to my lips. A puddle of beige collects in the white saucer, settles to the lowest layer. The cold settles in around my thighs, wet trousers rubbing against wet skin. Outside, the rain has stopped, of course, blue skies veiled by gossamer thin grey froth. Sunlight captured in the tears wept by the building; falling stars illuminated above cultured evergreens.

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It helps if I say what a small stone is, seeing as I've been talking about them. Well, a small stone is a short piece of writing that captures a moment that you have noticed. No, you don't have to "be a writer"to take part. Everyone has the capacity to pay attention. For more information, have a look at this blog here:

Want to take part in the small stones writing challenge? There is still time. See the details here: Small stones writing challenge