Friday, 30 May 2014

WOW - Bryan Talbot at Rochester Art Gallery

A picture speaks a thousand words, or so the saying goes. This coming month the thousand words comes to Rochester Art Gallery, with a new exhibition from Bryan Talbot, Mark Barnes, Joe Decie and Ian Williams. It runs from the 12 June until August 10, 2014.

Image credit: Wintersixfour

I'm very excited about the exhibition, in my opinion Bryan has been at the forefront of graphic novels ever since the startling Alice in Sunderland, a blending of history, magic realism and Lewis Carroll. It was one of the first graphic novels that expanded the limits of what graphic novels are capable of - besides Watchmen and Persepolis. Graphic novels can explore ideas stories and biography that other mediums cannot touch, and it grinds at me that so often mature is understand as "graphic". 

Information about the exhibition, and the many other cultural highlights coming to Medway are available in the June edition of WOW - What's on Where

The exhibition is going to be graphic - and it coincides with the start of FUSE festival, Medway's marvelous summer arts festival. Details available here

Image sourced through Morguefile