Thursday, 8 May 2014

Irish tutor needed - can you help?

As part of our funding from the big lottery, the Medway St Patrick parade agreed to showcase and encourage Irish culture. Part of this culture was the Irish language, so we planned to have two Irish lessons after the parade. One for absolute beginners to introduce them to the language, and the other aimed at intermediate students. This lesson was to encourage people with rusty Irish or people who had been learning a while and wanted to advance.

Image credit: Cohdra

The tutors that we booked have let us down. We need a recommendation from someone for a reliable Irish tutor who can deliver a lesson for beginners. (Edit: we would welcome someone who can also provide a lesson for intermediate learners, but this isn't compulsory)

We've tried the adult learning services for Medway and Kent, but turned up nothing. Can you recommend someone?

Thank you

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