Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Sweeps Festival 2013 - 6 Bealtaine

Three brave Morris dancers and "Jack in the Green"
Image credit: SM Jenkin

Happy Beltane! The festival to mark the spring time leading into summer felt like a breath of fresh air this year. The winter has overstayed it's welcome, and I was beginning to think that the better weather was never going to come.

I love the sweeps festival, as it's a celebration of new life, dancing, good music and good beer. In the closing ceremony, it was mentioned that this festival has the largest grouping of morris sides in Europe (and therefore probably the world).

Back to Beltane - Bealtaine. Bealtaine is the irish word for May. To get the pronunciation right though, check out the guide on Forvo, it has a selection of dialects all spoken by native Irish speakers here

I hope the spring stays sunny and may the sun shine on you today and every day!