Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Words of the month: Skull, Ghost, Twitch

The Veil Blinks by SM Jenkin

Photo:Pixabay (creative commons)
The veil blinks,
is noticed to twitch, 
once, from the other side
as children dance from
door to door,
cheap plastic caressing
their faces; 
skulls, green drowned
faces melting into innocent
necks. Tonight, it’s 
dad’s turn
and he is glad there have been
no sexy vampires, yet.
It was their game, 

And he watches from the gate,
as some other man’s child wobbles 
past in a dirty white duvet,
scissored holes for eyes.
And he chances a brief look
at his watch, feeling the 
hour hand spinning 
like a helicopter,
lifting his hand.
Until the veil twitches
shut again, for another year.
And he didn’t think of her

Inspired by Lisa Vigor’s Inspirational words of the month, Oct 2017  #Ghost #Twitch #Skull as posted by Lisa on youtube here