Thursday, 15 October 2015

Keep WOW in print

WOW magazine really is the best of what's on where in Kent. It's the only magazine that lets me know what is going on in and around Medway and beyond. While there may be other listings they are somewhat scattered and lack WOWs range, and the space for people to post reviews. However...

WOW magazine October 2015 Photo by David Robinson
Photo: David Robinson
it's been a labour of love for Emma Dewhurst and her team since it launched in 2010. Since the Beatles don't rule the world we really do need more than love. To make it sustainable it really needs to attract some additional funds. One way that we are being invited to help is by becoming a wow subscriber - there will be other ways to help out too.

To find out more, the ‘Keep WOW in print’ Launch Event is on Sunday 8 November at Sun Pier House, Chatham (between 10am-4pm). The campaign will then be live for 30 days, until midnight on Monday 7 December.

News about the crowdfunding campaign to keep WOW in print is posted to the WOW web page at: WOW Kent Campaign 

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Picture of WOW magazine October 2015 edition: detail wheel of fortune, medieval wall painting, Rochester Cathedral. Photo: David Robinson.