Monday, 18 August 2014

London lability - Loncon3

I have been astonished at Loncon3 by the number of transformational talks and events included in the programme. They question the assumptions made about cultural identity and (for me) norms as identified by my family and culturally milieu
Image by SM Jenkin
London by night, near East India DLR 
To be honest it has involved a lot of thought to question a number of these, but environments such as loncon3 have given me a chance to question this safely,  without hurting others or making myself an object of ridicule. 

London has always (has it?) been on the forefront of these dialogues, chosen or forced. This is merely part of a continuing dialogue started (who knows when). But the point I an trying to explore is this...

Attitudes in London adapts and change. Is this part of the traditional British gentleness regarding identity or part of the international absorption of cities to form a cultural melange..  a global village. What do you think? Does this reflect your experience?