Sunday, 24 November 2013

City without a head - floating in the air

In the run-up to Christmas, are you feeling lost? Hassled? Do you feel like you are running about like a headless chicken?

The ME4Writers have the solution for you - you are no longer alone! Come and join us in the City without a head, floating on the airwaves. 

Yes indeed, the ME4Writers will be sailing by on Radio Sunlight on Monday, 25 November from 8.30pm. We shall share some of our work with the effervescent Fizzer. And you too, I hope!

What is the city without a head? It is our attempt to define, confuse, capture, expound, tangle, twist, label, and generally riff on life in cities. Entries range from story fragments, poems, faux-definitions, found writing to short stories. Will you enjoy it? Who can tell....

The only way to find out of course, is to join us at Fizzer's radio show - online here  or tune in at 106.6FM

Be seeing you.....?

[EDIT] You can listen to the show again on Fizzer's blog here. The ME4Writers kick in at 41 minutes into the show. Enjoy!