Saturday, 12 October 2013

Short play - At the Beginning

So, near the end of the first Rochester literature festival I feel the need to return to a beginning. I'm not too fond of endings, but that is a story for another time.So, let me share with you my first short play given by the 17% treatment. Appropriately enough it's called...

At the beginning

Did you see what I did there? :-) The process of the piece surprised me, as it started as one thing and ended up being about something else entirely. One of the characters wouldn't be contained, and it led me to ask how free are we to express what we want? How far do we tramp down on our own thoughts, hungers, to be seen as acceptable? Hunger is still a taboo subject for some, after all.

It was originally performed on 6th July 2012 as part of the Lounge on the farm festival, and again at the Horsebridge arts centre in Whitstable on 18 July 2012.


Shall we skip to the main course...?